Area 51 Aliens

Area 51 Aliens

Area 51 Aliens

Area 51 Aliens

Area 51, also known as Dreamland, was finally and superficially acknowledged by the U.S. government on July 14, 2003 with the vague concession that the USAF has an “operating location” in the near vicinity of Groom Lake. But to Area 51 Aliens aficionados, it is a secret airbase that is located within the Nevada Test and Training Range and situated 83 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas.

But purely from a location standpoint, how secret is this base? Even most school kids recognize the name, not to mention UFO researchers, and every military power in the world can legally demand to fly over the base upon request under the international “Open Skies Treaty”.


It is what transpires inside Area 51 that is the subject of much debate.

The extreme secrecy surrounding Area 51 is further compounded by exceedingly tight but mostly unseen security, rumored to be armed guards provided by the Wackenhut Corporation, under strict orders of shoot to kill. The Board of Directors of the Wackenhut Corporation includes well known intelligence officials, such as Frank Carlucci (former deputy CIA Director), Admiral Bobby Ray Inman (Former deputy CIA Director among other titles) and William Casey (former CIA Director). However, reconnaissance satellites have captured images of the base and can easily be viewed online.

Nevertheless, Area 51 Aliens have remained the key point of discussion as the 1947 Roswell alien incident has been repeatedly recounted and analyzed. To this date, there is still no absolute proof that the Roswell incident actually involved the presence of “aliens”, who were rumored to have been deceased upon the “UFO” crash. But incidental anecdotes prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that something, possibly sinister, is occurring inside the well defended walls of Area 51.

With the CIA recently starting to declassify some top secret programs undergone within the base, some former Area 51 workers have stepped forward with their stories about their time spent at the base, giving a glimpse into the top secret operations to Area 51 Aliens/UFO researchers and the general public.

* Thornton “T.D.” Barnes: Former special projects engineer at Area 51 As a NASA electronics engineer, he worked on the first rocket plane, the X-15, and also participated in the development of the A-12 Oxcart, which can go up to speeds of 2,200 MPH at 90,000 feet and only flashing lights can be seen due to the high speed. Barnes contended that this contributed to the notion that Area 51 was an extraterrestrial safe haven. He personally did not witness any aliens, alien spacecraft or underground facilities.

* Harry A. Martin: Former fueling supervisor for the spy planes He did not observe anything out of the ordinary

* James Noce: No report of aliens either, but he recounted an event that could have compared to the Roswell incident. After the crash of an A-12s, he flew to the crash scene and encountered a local sheriff’s deputy and a vacationing family that had taken pictures. The witnesses were told not to discuss the incident to anyone or suffer dire consequences. Large sums of money were also offered to the deputy and the family.

Although no evidence was presented to either confirm or deny the existence of Area 51 Aliens, Stanton T. Friedman, a nuclear physicist who had previously worked on highly classified projects noted that highly classified also meant highly compartmentalized and that only individuals directly involved with “aliens” would have any knowledge in that respect.

The only person to have made a claim of working directly with alien spacecraft is Bob Lazar, a former physicist at a facility designated as “S-4″ at Area 51. After his 1989 declaration, all of his employment and school records mysteriously disappeared.


Latest development in the Area 51 Aliens saga:

In 2010, the Labor Department declared that former Department of Energy employees who worked at Area 51 between January 1, 1958 and December 31, 1999 will be eligible for compensation due to exposure to toxic materials at the facility. The DOE controlled Area 51 until 1999 and lawsuits have been filed.

Will this finally provide the proper answer to Alien 51 observers about the existence or non-existence of aliens on earth and are ufos real?