Travis Walton

Many people who believe in the possibility of alien life in a distant universe often roll their eyes at proclaimations of alien abductions. Yet there have been a few alien abduction claims and stories which have not only held the public’s fascination for decades, they have also had some threads of truth to them. In November of 1975, one of the most noted alien abductions in history happened to Travis Walton, a then 18-year-old lumberjack working in the National Forests of Arizona with 6 other men.

According to all accounts of the Travis Walton abduction, on the evening of November 5, 1975, the 7 lumberjacks were leaving after a long day of clearing trees in the National Forest. They were driving down a dirt road, and about 100 feet away, the crewmen saw a hovering object in the sky, shaped like a flattened disc, emitting a yellowish light or glow. Walton, being quite fearless at the age of 18, decided to get a closer look at the object. He jumped from the truck and stood beneath the object, looking upwards at the craft, when a bluish beam suddenly struck out at Walton, throwing him backwards about 10 feet. The crewmembers fled in terror, leaving Walton behind.

Travis WaltonAfter reaching Snowflake, Arizona, the men decided they should go back for their fallen comrade, and returned to the area of the sighting. There was no trace of Walton anywhere, and the men contacted authorities to get help to find their missing friend. At first, police and the general public thought it an elaborate hoax. After five of the men passed lie detector tests, and the 6th man’s results were rendered “inconclusive”, authorities began to second-guess their earlier theories of murder or kidnapping.

Five days later, Walton returned. He says he awakened on the side of a country road with his head on his right forearm. He was cold and thirsty, and made his way to a gas station phone booth where he called a family member to come get him. When his family arrived, Walton was unconscious in the phone booth. He was brought to an area hospital where he was examined and found to have been unharmed. When asked of his whereabouts for the past five days, Walton said he remembered being struck down by the blue ray and then awakening inside the craft on a cold, metal table where three horrible beings were holding him. Over the next several days, many tests were performed on him by the beings, and then he was returned to earth. Travis Walton has since been offered large sums of money to recant his story, yet has not done so to this day.

Whether or not Travis Walton was actually experimented on by aliens from a distant universe remains to be proven for sure. All we have is his account of the events which occured, as well as the verbal accounts given by the other 6 members of his work crew who witnessed the UFO and Walton’s being struck by a blue ray from the UFO. To this day, Travis Walton continues to stick with his claim of having been abducted by aliens, and being experimented on for five days in November of 1975.

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