UFO Encounter Group of Hunterdon County

UFO Encounter Group of Hunterdon County

Calling all UFO abductees and enthusiasts within the Hunterdon County New Jersey area, a local UFO conference will be held. (UFO Encounter Group of Hunterdon County)

The gathering will be held Friday, February 17 at 7:30 PM at Boxelder Basin, Johanna Farms Road. A diverse group of people are expected to participate and all are welcome to drop by, according to group facilitator Sally Miller.

Various topics of extraterrestrial interest will be discussed at the conference. Among discussions of interest will be the future plans of the group, discussions led by authors, viewings of various videos, instructions on how to photograph/record a UFO properly and also how to identify a hybrid. If you ever wonder are ufos real or not then stop by and join the conversation.

Refreshments will be served and also a small donation would be appreciated for the various costs of running the conference. For more information please call or email group facilitator at.

Please call group facilitator Sally Miller at 908-782-7101 or e-mail her at Sally@SallyMiller.com for advance registration.

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