UFO Hunters

UFO Hunters

UFO Hunters

UFO Hunters

UFO hunters share the common objective of personally witnessing an UFO event, and just watching pictures or videos of possible UFOs taken by others does not raise their adrenaline levels.

However, UFO hunters need to thoroughly dedicate themselves to this pursuit, as UFO hunting can become quite expensive and time consuming. There are requirements to be met and violation will most likely shorten the UFO hunting career.

The first step is extensive research into all facets related to the subject, such as meteorology, reading star maps, or committing constellations and planets to memory, and familiarity with all aircraft types is also imperative. A sound financial foundation is a prerequisite to undertaking UFO hunting, since the equipment required to perform the task can be economically draining. Emotional issues also cannot be ignored as long hours are the norm and relationships can easily be strained. More often than not, the comforts of home will furthermore have to be forgotten, and outdoors types are usually more suitable for this endeavor.

Honing observation skills is a step that needs to be undertaken by all UFO hunters, a common mistake being to mistake a star for an UFO. To that purpose, it has been recommended that training as a weather spotter will be highly useful, as is joining the Civil Air Patrol, as you will learn about abnormal weather phenomena and the proper identification of configuration of various types of aircraft, along with improving observation skills.

Some Recommended equipment:

* Telescope* Binoculars * Video Camera * Maps * Star charts * Night vision equipment * Thermal imaging machines * Recording equipment

UFO hunters also take star gazing very seriously, as a high proportion of UFO sightings tend to occur after sunset. Of course, getting into the habit of looking up into the sky periodically during the day will help spot daytime occurrences.


Two main types of UFO sightings:

* Waves: small number of UFOs appearing over an extended period of time, sometimes lasting over several months. Prior to a wave, certain indicators will help determine future UFO activity.

* Flaps: large numbers of UFOs visible in a short period of time. This is the more exciting type of event as various sized and shaped UFOs can congregate into one area and formations are usually observed.

Indicators of UFO activity:

* Fast and unidentifiable objects moving across the sky * Flashing lights, either stationary or moving slowly, most commonly seen at high altitudes * Probing objects are very bright lights that can flare up then face down before disappearing over a short distance * Strobing objects can move at high rates of speed while lights are strobing constantly, sometimes at different rates

UFO hunters are very much aware that UFOs can appear at any given moment in time and at any location, therefore it becomes critical to increase the chances of successfully sighting UFOs by relocating to what are considered flap areas that can include the following areas:

* Nevada Highway 375, in the proximity of Rachel, Nevada * Sedona, Arizona * Midway, New Mexico, where the Roswell Rods were first observed * Marfa, Texas, famous for its Marfa Lights that have been reported for almost a century

Patience and persistence are definitely virtues for UFO hunters as UFOs never announce themselves prior to demonstration of their performance. Safety is paramount when witnessing an actual UFO sighting, as is staying calm to accurately record the event in its aftermath.

UFO activity tends to peak during certain time periods such as the 1950s, the 1970s and finally the 1990s. The 2010s seem to be destined to become a busy decade for UFO hunters. Will you be the one that proves ufos are real?

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